What have I learned?

Completing, and saving, this document will enable you to reflect on what you have learned from this module and how you might use, or have used, this learning.

You will use the information in the final module 'What next?' when you will be summarising your learning and planning what to do next. This may be further study/training or you may start thinking about conferences you can attend (and maybe contribute to) or networks you can join.

Talk to your line manager about using Understanding International, or specific modules, as part of your Continuing Professional Development (CPD), on-going staff development, annual review/appraisal or as a team building/away day activity.

We would normally expect each module to take up to 2 hours although this will depend on your previous knowledge of the area.

These may include: I have a particular interest in this area; I am undertaking it as part of Understanding International as part of my induction/staff development; I needed information on this area for a specific project; this area is now part of my role.

Refer to the learning outcomes for the module but also think about anything additional you have learned/achieved eg you may have contributed to a report, or a meeting on a particular aspect covered in the module or you may have proposed a new initiative.