This module provides an overview of international structures, activities, roles and responsibilities. Most of the areas covered are considered in depth in later modules. Where relevant this will be highlighted.

You can use the module to support the induction process or as part of your on-going staff development. You may be surprised to find out what you don't know about your institution.

The following areas are covered:

  • key international activities;
  • who does what in your institution;
  • where you fit in;
  • where the students fit in;
  • international roles and structures;
  • contextual policies, guidelines and ethical frameworks;
  • the internal and external resources available to you.

Your internal network

You will find it helpful to discuss issues with your line manager, a mentor and/or colleague(s). You may also find it helpful to work through the module, or parts of it, with colleagues.

Your external network

You may also find it useful to make contact with colleagues in other institutions who have a similar role. It can be useful to share knowledge and experience.

Your toolkit

As part of this module we suggest that you start to build a TOOLKIT. You can keep this virtually eg with links to your intranet and the internet or you can print key documents. Before printing 'Think Green' and, if you do decide to print, always replace documents with the latest version.

The abbreviations and acronyms used in the modules are listed in the glossary (click on the icon in the right hand corner). If you come across others, check out what they mean and keep a note of them.