Policy frameworks

In the last section it was highlighted that international activities can be centralised or spread across different departments.

Regardless of the structure most institutions will have a co-ordinated International or Internationalisation* strategy and underpinning the strategy, structure and activities there will be policies, regulations, guidelines and legal duties and obligations.

The Word document activity opposite will help you identify which documents you need and where to find them. Hopefully you already know about/have access to many of them.






*Internationalisation is looked at in detail in a later module.


Look at the list below and identify which of the policies/guidelines etc. are available in your institution and which you might find useful. Before you decide to print any document please 'Think Green' and, if you do decide to print, always replace documents with the latest version.

You should note that some processes etc. may not be documented and will be a matter of custom and practice. If you identify gaps, find out who can help you fill them in.

A note on institutional policies relating to immigration

Current government policy means that all activity relating to visas for staff and students are now very heavily regulated. Some key issues to be aware of:

  • Institutions must have a licence from the Home Office to employ staff on a "Tier 2" visa, or to admit students under "Tier 4" of the Points-Based System for immigration. Failure to adhere strictly to guidance and to meet certain benchmarks could result in suspension or revocation of the licence, with serious consequences for the institution and its staff and students
  • Provision of immigration advice is regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). Never give advice unless you are authorised to do so. There will be trained staff in your institution (and possibly students' union) to whom you can refer any enquiries.

Please note: If you are providing immigration advice and services you will need to be authorised by the OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner) unless you are exempt under a Ministerial Order.