Who regulates what?

Very little international activity is formally regulated - the exception being the provision of immigration advice, which is subject to the Immigration Services Commissioner's Code of Standards and Commissioner's rules.

However, there are a number of codes which set out good practice in international work (see opposite and resources). You will also need to be familiar with other codes and legislation which are not specific to international work, for instance on confidentiality, data protection and intellectual property.

Codes provide:

  • a framework to help you make consistent and ethical decisions
  • reassurance for colleagues or clients that your actions are in line with nationally agreed good practice
  • evidence to support your decision on how to proceed if you are being pressured to act in a way which you consider would be unethical

You can decide just to read the code/guidance relevant to your role but you may find it useful, and interesting, to look at codes/guidance relating to other areas of international work.


To understand more about the kind of issues that arise, we suggest you download and read the Commentary on the UKCISA/AISA Code of ethics for those advising international students by clicking here.

Immigration advice: OISC Code of Practice

Which codes of practice are relevant to your role? Click on the headings below to reveal information.