Other international activities

Your institution is likely to be involved in other international activities not just international student recruitment. The list below is not exhaustive and there will be overlaps. In addition, the locus of the activity will vary depending on the organisational structure.

Make a note of any of the activities listed below that your institution is involved in, identify where the activity is located and who is involved. If you don't know, check the website. You might be surprised by what you find.


  • This is an exchange programme for staff and students funded by the European Union and managed in the UK by the British Council.

Mobility (students)*

  • Students registered at your institution who study, work, volunteer abroad eg at a partner institution via ERASMUS or another type of partnership. See Study Abroad below

Mobility (staff)*

  • Staff travelling for teaching, research or consultancy. This may be through Erasmus, a link with a partner institution, a research link or your overseas campus (if you have one).


  • Includes Erasmus links or links with a pathway provider or a partnership with an overseas school, college, university or a research/knowledge exchange partnership.

Study Abroad*

  • Incoming students spending a semester/year as a fee paying student or as part of an exchange agreement with a partner institution enabling your students to study abroad.

Trans National Education**

  • Trans National Education refers to education provision from one country offered in another. TNE includes a wide variety of delivery modes including distance and e-learning, validation and franchising arrangements, twinning and other collaborative provision including overseas branch campuses.

Research and Knowledge Exchange

  • Can include bilateral or mutlilateral teams involved in international research which may be funded by an external body.

Technical assistance and capacity building projects

  • Projects with developing countries which help build local expertise and capability to deal with specific issues or challenges.

* see the modules 'Outward Mobility' and 'Safety, security & wellbeing'

** see the module 'Partnerships'