Who fits in where?

You need to be clear about what your role covers. Is your Job Description up to date? If it isn't speak to your line manager.

Staff involved in international work may have one of the following job titles:

  • International Officer
  • International Admissions Officer
  • Study Abroad Officer
  • International Student Adviser
  • International Partnerships Officer
  • Regional Development Manager
  • Compliance Manager

This list is not exhaustive and institutions often use different titles for similar roles.

Where does the student fit in?

Another way to think about international activities is to map the international student journey*.

Interest Enquiry Apply

Successful application CAS issued VISA issued

Arrive Enrol Orientation Induction

Studying & extra curricula activities

Careers & Further Study advice

Graduate Join alumni Move on

* see the module 'The international student journey'

Thinking about the international student journey, do you know where the following are located in your institution?

International recruitment
EU recruitment
Visa/immigration advice
Accommodation information
International admissions
Pre-arrival guidance
Welcome and induction
Tier 4 compliance
On-going support, guidance and welfare
Career/further education guidance
International alumni


How international activities are structured will vary and there is no 'best' structure. Some institutions co-ordinate activities centrally; others don't. Some have an international lead person on the senior management team eg a Pro VC International; others don't.

Now you have looked at activities, roles and structures the following task will enable you to build an organisation chart mapping out who does what.